Customer relationship management


At the end of the last century, many companies were striving to evolve from a production orientation to a marketing orientation. For some, developments in computing technology and data analysis methodologies promised to transform organizations, not just evolve them.

Businesses have experimented with recent developments such as . . .

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Data warehousing

On-line analytical processing (OLAP)

Data mining

Query tools

Business intelligence

Database marketing

Relationship marketing

Predictive marketing

Marketing models

Campaign management

Marketing decision support systems

Sales force automation

My clients typically want to apply one or more of these to marketing problems such as sales tracking, customer retention, target marketing, or sales support. Often, they will already have a pilot project, either developed in-house or from a vendor, and they need help with:



Data quality control

Business process development

Data analysis

Capacity planning and performance

In general, help is needed to implement the system so that it produces measurable results in a specific business setting.

I'm Bruce Ingraham. If you need help in these areas, contact me today! For additional information about services, competencies, and experience, please peruse the site.

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